City commences civil proceedings after becoming aware of financial irregularities

During the course of year-end financial work in early January 2022, the Calgary Parking Authority’s finance team uncovered evidence of financial irregularities over the course of 2021.

The Calgary Parking Authority, previously operating as an arm’s-length agency, is currently being fully integrated into The City of Calgary in accordance with City Council’s September 2021 direction.

During the integration process and upon discovery of the irregularities, The City swiftly launched an internal investigation. That investigation has recently concluded and linked the irregularities to a single Calgary Parking Authority employee.

That employee is no longer with the Calgary Parking Authority. The City of Calgary has commenced a civil action against this individual and has referred the matter to the Calgary Police Service for further investigation. The City is confident that additional financial controls now in place at the Calgary Parking Authority will prevent similar occurrences in future.

Neither The City nor the Calgary Parking Authority will be commenting further while the case is before the courts.