Calgary Fire Department Drive-By Birthdays


To help celebrate Calgarians’ birthdays, while respecting the rules of physical distancing, the Calgary Fire Department is offering Drive-By Birthdays to people between the ages of 4-12 and 75+.

“This idea came from our members and the Calgary Firefighters’ Association, and they have been a driving force in getting this program launched,” says Calgary Fire Department Chief Steve Dongworth. “We are living in a difficult time, and if the Calgary Fire Department can help in a small way by bringing a smile to the face of birthday celebrants – both young and old - then we are happy to do so.”

From now until the end of May 2020, citizens can request a special Drive-By Birthday by calling 311 or filling out a Fire Dept – Operation Birthdays service request online.

Please note, this service is not guaranteed as our crews may be called upon to assist at an emergency.

Due to the high volume of requests received, we will be focusing on requests for the next week first, prior to responding to requests for a later date.

For more information, please visit