Calgary City Council approves bylaw changes to short-term rental business licences

We are making improvements to short-term rental business licencing. On June 6, City Council approved amendments to the Business Licence Bylaw governing short-term rental business licences in Calgary. Changes will come into effect Jan. 1, 2024 and will apply to new and renewing short-term rental licences. The changes to the business licence requirements strengthens the accountability of the hosts and property owners, reduces negative impacts on the community and enhances the safety of guests.

“The amendments also provide assurance to Calgarians and guests that the short-term rental meets important standards, and improved tools for compliance,” said Ulrik Seward, Manager of Business and Building Safety Approval.

All current and prospective short-term rental hosts are required to have a business licence to provide temporary accommodation for compensation. Key changes to the business licence application include:

·       Proof of the property owner’s consent (in addition to proof of the condominium board’s consent, if relevant) for the short-term rental to be offered to guests for compensation

·       A fire safety plan, which includes the floor plan required to be posted inside the short-term rental

·       A fire inspection to ensure safety standards are met and to validate the allowable number of guests, not including minors under the age of 12

·       Proof of liability insurance coverage for the short-term rental

·       A review of the property for prior concerns

Currently, there are more than 4,000 licensed short-term rental accommodations in Calgary. It is projected that we will continue to see a steady growth of short-term rental licences as the hospitality industry continues to evolve. A map of licensed rentals is available here This rise in business licences plays a vital role in stimulating economic growth by fostering increased tourism revenue, job creation and economic diversification. 

We are launching several awareness campaigns to inform short-term rental hosts and guests of the enhanced licence approval and to promote the respectful behaviour and best practices expected of hosts and guests. For more information, download the current Good Host and Good Guide here

Public engagement will be conducted on short-term rental market challenges in the fall in partnership with the University of Calgary under the Urban Alliance Project. The bylaw changes reflect our commitment to creating a fair and sustainable environment for all residents, visitors and businesses. These amendments aim to strike a balance between enabling the economic benefits for short-term rentals and minimize the negative impacts on the community. To learn more about short-term rentals in Calgary visit

Have questions about short-term rental licensing? Contact the Planning Service Centre to connect with a member of our planning team before you apply.

About The City of Calgary’s short-term rentals:
Originally introduced in January 2020, short-term rental licensing aims to regulate and ensure compliance for local bylaws and safety codes.