Building for Calgary’s future

In 2022, we’re continuing to invest in Calgary’s economy by delivering key transportation infrastructure to support Calgarians – now and into the future. With over $140M of new investment this year, we have a range of planned projects that will help Calgarians move safely and efficiently around the city, no matter how they choose to get around. Infrastructure improvements will also ensure efficient movement of goods and products, while bringing Calgarians closer to local businesses and creating a street environment that encourages local development. 

We’ve been fortunate to be able to continue construction on these important projects in 2020 and 2021 during the global pandemic – and in 2022, I’m excited for our opportunity to continue investing in Calgary’s future and creating more jobs for Calgarians through our projects this year,” says Director of Transportation Infrastructure Kerensa Swanson Fromherz. 

Here are some highlights for projects that will be under construction this year: 

airport trail
















Airport Trail N.E. - Phase 2 

Crews are back this spring to finish construction of the two new interchanges at Airport Trail with 19th Street and with Barlow Trail N.E.  This project will complete the link between Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail, offering drivers more flexibility, and alternate routes to get to, and travel around, east Calgary.  

There have been several projects completed to link Stoney Trail and Deerfoot Trail including:  

  • The southbound to westbound ramp at the Stoney Trail interchange, opened in 2020 
  • The extension of Airport Trail between Metis Trail and 60 Street N.E., completed in 2021.  
  • The Airport Trail extension between Metis Trail and 36 Street N.E., opened to traffic in October 2021.  
  • Intersection upgrades at 36 Street, Metis Trail and 60 Street N.E. to accommodate the new traffic flow on Airport Trail, completed in 2021.  

“The extension of Airport Trail supports the ongoing development and growth of this area as well as the entire northeast area,” said Project Manager Sig Undheim. “Completing this project is an important part of a safe, effective transportation network that supports and services the surrounding businesses and community network, The Calgary International Airport and the city at large.”  

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2020-05-11 - Bridge Rendering 1 - Updated




2020-05-11 - Bridge Rendering 2 - Updated










Eau Claire Area Improvements: Building Flood Protection and Downtown Vibrancy

Construction is underway for the second season on the Eau Claire Area Improvements projects, which include the replacement of the Jaipur Bridge, building the Downtown Flood Barrier and Eau Claire Promenade, and the redesigned Eau Claire Plaza. 

“We know that construction can be impactful, and appreciate the patience of those who live, work, and travel in the area,” says Jeff Baird, Project Manager for the Downtown Flood Barrier and Eau Claire Promenade. We saw site preparation, demolition, new installations, and rebuilding start on all the projects in the area last year. To help reduce repeated disruptions and impacts to Calgarians, we are working together and coordinating the individual projects happening in the area.  

“It is exciting to see this transformation of public infrastructure take shape. We saw the well-engineered structures and foundation take shape in 2021, and I am most excited to see this integrated design project come to life with meticulously designed landscape features draped over top. When the project is done, this area will help stitch together one of our greatest assets in our downtown urban fabric, our river pathway system” added Joyce Tang, Program Manager. 

Protecting Calgarians and our economic drivers from floods is a top priority for the City, and we're doing so while enhancing the Eau Claire area to build more resilient and vibrant communities that support future growth and development. It will be a place to gather, reflect, connect, and explore. 

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NP park and ride


















North Pointe Park and Ride lot improvements 

Construction of the first short-term North Central BRT improvement – the North Pointe Park and Ride Lot Improvements project – began in fall 2021 in the community of Country Hills. Safety and accessibility enhancements such as a new transit-only lane and lot entrance, pedestrian sidewalks and lighting will be added, offering reduced trip times, better connections for transit users and expanded service capacity. 

“This project is a great first step towards improving transit service now and in the future for communities in north Calgary – including those north of Stoney Trail,” says Project Manager Brian Tang. “With work set to be complete this year, we will begin to plan for future projects and look forward to implementing more improvements along the North Central BRT route over the coming years.” 

Construction of the final phase of the North Point Park and Ride lot improvements project is scheduled to resume in May 2022 and will be completed by fall 2022. 

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2022 Bridge rehabilitation projects  

As part of our goal to provide a safe and efficient transportation network to all citizens, staff work year-round to maintain our existing infrastructure. This includes maintaining approximately 400 traffic, pedestrian and LRT bridges around the city. 

In 2022, The City will be completing rehabilitation work on the following bridges: 

“Maintaining bridges through both routine and preventative types of maintenance assists in keeping bridge deterioration in check,” says Bridge Maintenance Manager Charmaine Buhler. “This work will improve drivers’ safety, network reliability, and extend the service life of the bridges.” 

Ctrain maintenance
















CTrain Station Maintenance 

Maintaining and improving the infrastructure of the CTrain system is a priority every year for Calgary Transit. A lot of work goes into ensuring the important infrastructure of the system is maintained and in good working order to get customers to their destination safely. Here are just a few examples of maintenance and upgrades that are made: 

  • New concrete in areas that need repairs 
  • Repainting of structures where paint is faded or eroded 
  • Deep cleaning in high traffic stations 
  • Lighting repairs and improvements 
  • Track maintenance 


“Calgary Transit’s CTrain service is extremely important for Calgarians,” says Stephen Tauro with Calgary Transit. “The good weather in the spring and summer gives us a great opportunity to complete maintenance or upgrade work so that we can continue to provide this important service year-round for our customers.”  

To ensure minimal disruption to service, this maintenance work is completed during non-peak hours or over long-weekends and usually only involves a few CTrain stations at once.  

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144 Avenue N.W. improvements 

In The City’s northwest, the 144 Avenue N.W. improvements project will see the construction of a 1.2km extension of 144 Avenue N.W., between Symons Valley Road and 24 Street N.W., a bridge crossing over West Nose Creek and an expansion to the pathway system linked to the 5A Network. While providing benefits for drivers and pathway users, the project will also facilitate east-west transit connections with the future Green Line LRT in the long-term. 

“This is an extensive project that will complete a key missing link for current and developing communities, while bringing improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and transit users,” says Project Manager Nik Danilov. “We also recognize the importance of the natural features in the area and have worked extensively with environmental experts to ensure that we respect and protect this bio-diversity.” 

The first phase of construction began in late March 2022, with work scheduled to continue through until fall 2024. 

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operations 16 ave
















Operational and Safety Improvements Project 

Each year, The City evaluates roads and intersections across Calgary that require operational improvements for enhanced safety, traffic flow or infrastructure maintenance. This year, upgrades to two loop ramps connecting to 16 Avenue N.W. – from northbound Bowness Road and southbound Shaganappi Trail – and construction of a new U-Turn lane on Bow Trail S.W., at the east leg of the Sarcee Trail S.W. intersection, are on the roster.   

“These are very busy, major routes used not only by residents in the local communities, but also those visiting or travelling through Calgary,” says Project Manager Mario Da Silva. “Completing these upgrades will be a key step towards enhancing safety and connections for all travelers in the area.” 

This work will also be coordinated with other improvements on Bowness Road, including pavement rehabilitation from 37 to 41 Street N.W., installation of bus pads at four existing stops and completion of a missing pathway link between Shaganappi Trail and 41 Street N.W.  

Construction is scheduled to begin in May 2022, with completion scheduled for fall 2022. 

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West 17 Avenue and 37 Street Main Streets 

Crews are ramping up to complete construction on both the West 17 Avenue and 37 Street Main Street projects this season. On 37 Street, the majority of the work this year will be north of 17 Avenue, including widened sidewalks on the west side, and a new multiuse pathway on the east side of 37 Street S.W. This season we will also be resurfacing 37 Street between Richmond Road and Bow Trail S.W.  

On 17 Avenue, crews will continue to work east from 37 Street towards the 17 Avenue bridge over Crowchild Trail on wider sidewalks, intersection improvements, traffic signal upgrades and creating more inviting public spaces along the Avenue. Traffic has already been shifted onto the south side of 17 Avenue on the bridge over Crowchild Trail, with one lane each of eastbound and westbound traffic maintained.  

“We’re looking forward to wrapping up the major construction for these two new Main Streets,” said Project Manager Syed Ali. “When we finish construction this season, 17 Avenue and 37 Street will be more vibrant, welcoming places for Calgarians who live and visit these areas.”  

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Bridgeland Main Street 

We are beginning construction on Phase 1 of the Bridgeland Main Street project, with work taking place on Edmonton Trail starting this spring. Phase 1 includes streetscape improvements and infrastructure upgrades along Edmonton Trail from Memorial Drive to 2 Avenue N.E., utility relocations, as well as gateway features on Memorial Drive beneath the 4 Avenue flyover, and at the triangle where 4 Street meets Edmonton Trail N.E.  Design of Phase 2 is still being finalized however, construction is currently unfunded. 

“We look forward to providing wider sidewalks with more plants and trees, new lighting to illuminate the road and pedestrian space, and a better experience for people walking in the neighbourhood,” said Construction Project Manager, Ervina Hendra. “We will also extend the separated wheeling lane to 4 Street N.E. and connect to the existing lane on 2 Avenue N.E. to make it safer for people on wheels.” 

To minimize impacts in the area, we are working with surrounding projects to coordinate construction impacts and access.  

“The improvements being done for Bridgeland’s Main Street will support creating vibrant spaces for people to live, work and play”, said Zach Morgan, Public Realm Project Manager. “Thanks to public and business input, we have designed a place that reflects the character of the neighbourhood and the people who live and work there.” 

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Stoney Trail North Interchange projects  

This spring, construction continues on three interchanges The City is building on behalf of the Province of Alberta, over Stoney Trail to provide residents with more connections between communities and create connections to the pathways in north Calgary.  

At both Shaganappi Trail and the Harvest Hills Interchange, crews will upgrade the existing interchange by finishing a second three-lane bridge adjacent to the existing north-south bridge, which will provide three travel lanes in each direction when complete. We will also be connecting to the multiuse pathways on the north and south side of Stoney Trail.  

The 11 Street NE Interchange is a new interchange that will support the anticipated growth in the Stoney Industrial and Keystone Hills areas immediately surrounding Stoney Trail and 11 Street N.E. The design for this interchange will first build a half interchange to provide access to and from the north and accommodate the projected traffic volumes for the next 20 years. In the future, the design for 11 Street N.E. also includes a full interchange that can be built to provide access to and from the south when needed, or when 128 Avenue N.E. is extended.  

“With better connectivity, increased traffic capacity, and more ways for people to bike and walk between communities, these interchanges in north Calgary will support both existing and new communities as they continue to grow,” said Project Manager Howard Kai. 

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Green Line LRT 

The City is continuously working on the Green Line (LRT) Project, the largest infrastructure investment in our city’s history. The project team has recently released the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Phase 1, from Shepard to Eau Claire. Phase 1 will build the 18km core of the Green Line, constructing the most technically complex section of the new LRT line to support future expansion to the north and south. For more information visit