Beekeeping licensing is now available through Urban Livestock Program

The City of Calgary is pleased to announce the launch of buzzworthy new urban livestock program, regulating beekeeping under the updated Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO) Bylaw. Calgarians are now able to apply for a licence to keep bee colonies within the city limits.

The program is aligned with expert care guidelines and structured similar to other Canadian municipalities that have successfully implemented local beekeeping regulations.

“Beekeeping has become an increasingly popular hobby in Calgary,” said Jennifer Lawlor, Strategic Services Leader, Calgary Community Standards.

“The City of Calgary wants beekeeping to remain a safe pastime, and the licensing regulations ensure new beekeepers are properly trained and adhere to commonly accepted beekeeping practices that prevent potential community issues.”

Through licensing of urban beekeeping, The City of Calgary can help address any problems and create solutions for the benefit of bees, keepers and their neighbours. The program has been created based on what has been working locally, expert perspectives, and what the licensing will regulate.

Licence or permit holders must:

·       Own the property where the colony is kept (or proof of consent by the property’s owner).

·       Provide proof of completion of training or mentoring or be able to provide proof that they were beekeeping in Calgary prior to January 1, 2022.  

·       Keep all housing consistent with what was approved in their application (and in good repair).

·       Notify The City of Calgary if the bee colony is being relocated or moved.

·       Adhere to municipal, provincial and federal legislation for distribution or sale of honey.

All Calgarians and businesses who keep bees in Calgary are now required to license their colonies under section 4 of the RPO Bylaw.

The update to the RPO Bylaw went into effect on January 1, 2022. Last revised over 12 years ago, the bylaw update recognizes that pet ownership in Calgary has evolved and includes the expansion of licensing that will also oversee regulation of pigeon keeping this spring. The urban livestock program ensures proper housing and care conditions are met for bees, and that any neighbouring concerns are addressed. Questions or concern can be directed to 311.

More information on the urban bee licensing program is now available on