Apply now! Clean Energy Improvement Program offers flexible financing to homeowners looking to reduce utility bills, improve energy efficiency

Homeowners in Calgary have a new financial tool to support energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades to their properties. The City of Calgary has launched the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP), which will help with the up-front costs of a long list of eligible home improvements.

"The Clean Energy Improvement Program is an important step in building a climate resilient community. It will go a long way to provide flexible financing to property owners to complete energy upgrades, realize energy bill savings, and contribute to job creation and economic growth,” says Mayor Jyoti Gondek. “Given the inflationary pressures that we are all experiencing, this is good news for Calgarians who have been looking into home upgrades and who will now know there is a program designed to help them spread these costs over the long term."

CEIP offers financing up to 100 per cent of project costs up to a maximum of $50,000 per property. Repayment is collected through the property tax bill. The City is offering competitive interest rates, long repayment terms (up to 20 years) and the option to repay in full at any time, penalty-free.

“We’re excited to offer this program that gives homeowners another option to participate in climate action,” says Carlee Beaver, CEIP Program Manager. “We’re providing the opportunity for those thinking about renovations to consider choices that will produce better energy performance. Calgarians can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, lower their utility bills and enjoy a more comfortable home.” With the support of $15M in funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, CEIP helps residential property owners act sooner to expand Calgary’s effort on climate action toward net-zero emissions by 2050. Programs like CEIP also support our local economy. Local contractors, who include energy efficiency and renewable energy in their services, are encouraged to apply to be listed as eligible to provide services for CEIP projects. The third-party administrator of the program, Alberta Municipalities, has successfully launched CEIP in nine municipalities around the province.

“It’s exciting to see the City of Calgary emerge as a leader in the Clean Energy Improvement Program,” says Cathy Heron, President, Alberta Municipalities. “It's the largest program in the province to date, providing funding for hundreds of residential energy efficiency and renewable energy projects over the next four years. Alberta Municipalities is proud serve Calgarians as the administrator of the program.” CEIP is one of many actions that are included in the Climate Implementation Plan, which directs The City on reducing emissions over the next four years and supports the Calgary’s Climate Strategy to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. It’s an action we can take now to further avoid the risk of delaying climate action.

Buildings and emissions

In Calgary, we track the amount of greenhouse gas emissions added to the atmosphere every year through activities that happen within our city boundaries. Buildings account for almost 65 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in Calgary. A significant portion of the buildings that will exist in Calgary in 2050 have already been built today, making it necessary to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements as we move to a low-carbon future. Learn more at

Quick Facts:

  • CEIP is offered by The City of Calgary in partnership with Alberta Municipalities.
  • CEIP offers homeowners:
    • Financing for up to 100 per cent of project costs
    • Competitive interest rates
    • Long repayment terms (up to 20 years)
    • The option to repay in full at any time without penalty
  • CEIP does not apply retroactively; an application needs to be submitted and approved before any work begins on a project.
  • CEIP is an innovative program that attaches the financing to the property rather than the person. To sell the home, property owners have two choices:
    • Disclose and transfer the outstanding balance to prospective buyers who will take on the repayment and enjoy the energy saving benefits of the improvements
    • Pay the balance owing at the time of sale without penalty
  • CEIP can be stacked with other financing and rebate programs, such as Canada Greener Homes.
  • The City is launching CEIP first to residential properties and expansion of the program to a commercial offering is expected in the next few years.
  • Up to $15 million in financing is available for Calgary homeowners in this initial launch of CEIP.
  • Alberta Municipalities has successfully launched CEIP in a total of nine municipalities: Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, Lethbridge, Athabasca, Devon, Leduc, Rocky Mountain House and St. Albert.

This project is being carried out with assistance from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund, an endowment created by the Government of Canada. The City of Calgary received $15M to support the implementation of CEIP for residential properties