2018 Civic Census door-to-door collection begins

Count yourself in! Census Takers will begin going door-to-door throughout the city today to assist Calgarians with the submission of their census information.

“The annual Civic Census information is used by The City for a variety of planning and program service delivery purposes, and by the Province for the determination of grants if available. The information is also used by a variety of outside agencies and is made publically available to all Calgarians.” said Laura Kennedy, City Clerk.

If residents are not home when the Census Taker arrives, they will leave a blue call back slip. Residents are asked to call the Census Taker at the number provided on the notice to complete their census. Residents may also continue to complete their census online at If you complete your census online you will not be visited by a Census Taker. If residents are missed during the collection period, they are asked to call the Election and Census Office at 403-476-4100 (option 3) to provide their information over the phone.

Remember all Census Takers wear a photo identification badge issued by The City of Calgary. All of the information provided during this process is confidential and secure. The 2018 Civic Census results will be available approximately three months after census collection is complete.

The City is proud to acknowledge 60 years of Calgarian’s help in planning Calgary’s future. Thank you to all who participated in the online census this year.

For more information on census collection, visit