2016 Civic census door-to-door collection

Count yourself in! Census takers begin door-to-door collection today. Thanks to everyone who participated in our online census this year.

It only takes a couple of minutes to participate in the census. Census data is important to The City of Calgary and it helps us make informed decisions to help plan City services.

“The questions being asked might seem very simple, but when you combine the data they provide and are able to see patterns, it helps us ensure we have the right services in the right areas of The City as it continues to grow,” said Paul Denys, Leader Election and Census.

For the fourth year in a row census takers will collect data on mobile tablet devices. These tablets will allow information to be submitted live increasing efficiency and security of the information collected.

If residents are not home at the time of visit, the census taker will leave a notice of Municipal Census Call. Residents are asked to call the census taker at the number provided on the notice to complete their census. If residents are missed during the collection period, they are asked to call the Election and Information Services office at 403-476-4100 (option 3) to provide their information over the phone.

Remember all census takers wear a photo identification badge issued by The City of Calgary and all information provided during this process is confidential and secure. The 2016 census results will be available approximately three months after census collection is complete.

For more information on census collection, visit


Public contact information:
Election & Information Services
Phone: 403.476.4100