Calgary, AB,

2016 Chief's Awards Gala

The Calgary Police Service Chief’s Awards Gala 2016 will take place tonight, Thursday, June 2, 2016, to honour citizens along with sworn and civilian members of the service who performed exemplary acts of courage and commitment to their community.

Chief Constable Roger Chaffin will be presenting awards to 25 citizens of Calgary, 23 sworn officers and one civilian member of the Calgary Police Service.

Citizen recipient stories range from stopping armed gunmen, intervening in a sexual assault in progress, and saving the lives of individuals attempting to take their own life. CPS sworn member stories vary from saving the lives of victims of stabbings, attempted murders and suicides. The civilian member of the CPS is being acknowledged for her work in developing benchmark standards for the Emergency Protection Order process in Calgary.

All of the award recipients have gone above and beyond to assist those in need and make Calgary a stronger community.