Who’s making life better for Calgarians with disabilities? Advisory Committee on Accessibility wants you to nominate them for an award

Now is the time to nominate an individual, group or person that’s helping people with disabilities live a good life in Calgary. The Advisory Committee on Accessibility (ACA) will hold its annual Accessibility Awards ceremony in December. Three awards are up for grabs and Calgarians have until Nov. 17 to nominate who they think deserves to be recognized for either:

·       Helping people with disabilities live fulfilling lives and/or are advancing accessibility in Calgary to improve quality of life for all.

·       Improving access for people with disabilities by creating better access to the physical environment, technology, or products; or

·       Positively impacting transportation & mobility for persons with disabilities

Nominations can be submitted at and you can also learn more about the three awards and criteria there.

“Every year, the ACA awards those who have made incredible positive impacts in our communities to raise awareness about disability, or help change the way our city is built to make it easier for everyone,” says Carol Armes, member of the ACA. “These awards celebrate those doing the important work that improves the lives of so many Calgarians.”

Last year, The Advocacy Award was presented to Cal Schuler, a diversity and accessibility consultant for significant contributions to improving the lives of people with disabilities in Calgary, throughout his 35-year career.











Councillor Andre Chabot (left) with Advocacy Award winner Cal Schuler.


The Universal Design Award was presented to the Parkdale Community Association and Level Playing Field, for their work in coordinating the Parkdale Community Association Outdoor Rink, Alberta’s first outdoor community rink that is inclusive and accessible to everyone.








Councillor Andre Chabot (second left) and recipients of the Universal Design Award: Darby Lee Young, Principal Accessibility Consultant with Level Playing Field (left); John Butterwick, Rink Director (second right) and Amanda Affonso (right), President, Parkdale Community Association.

The Advisory Committee on Accessibility (ACA) is a City Council committee consisting of citizens with disabilities and a keen interest in access issues. Working closely with members of City Administration, they make recommendations to City Council on policy and systems issues and barriers impacting people with disabilities in Calgary.