Redacted investigation report - updated link

In 2014, an independent investigation was commissioned by the City Auditor’s Office to address allegations of misconduct by members of Council. As a result of the findings of that report, Council took immediate steps to address systemic concerns within the Office of the Councillors.

These steps included:

  • Holding respectful workplace training for members of Council;
  • Becoming the first Council in western Canada to appoint an Ethics Advisor and Integrity Commissioner to ensure that:
    • In the case of the Ethics Advisor, Council members have a trusted advisor to consult on ethical matters; and
    • In the case of the Integrity Commissioner, all Calgarians have access to a process to follow to ensure that their concerns about Council members’ conduct are taken seriously and investigated as the Integrity Commissioner sees fit; and 
  • Enhancing City of Calgary human resource support to staff working in the Councillors’ Office.

A request was made to The City for a copy of the investigation report. The City’s view was that releasing the report in its entirety would risk exposing the identities of those who had made the complaints and/or those who were interviewed during the course of the investigation. The applicant for the information and The City made submissions to the Privacy Commissioner in regard to this matter. The Privacy Commissioner ordered that a redacted version of the report was releasable in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The City has complied with the Privacy Commissioner’s Order to release the redacted report to the applicant.

Given public interest in this matter, on June 11 Council requested that Administration post the redacted investigation report on The City’s website. The report can be viewed here.