Calgary, AB,

Police operation aims to curb street racing

The Calgary Police Service is now several weeks into an operation aimed at stopping illegal street racing on city roads.

“We have been receiving reports of vehicles driving at extremely high speeds in areas where the typical speed limit is 50 km/hr,” said Sergeant Brad Norman. “Street racing is dangerous and – in some cases – deadly.”

Police note that racing activity is generally taking place over the weekend in southeast industrial parks. Racing participants are generally younger and inexperienced.

“Although Calgary’s industrial areas may seem deserted, semi-trailers and other vehicles continue traveling in and out of the areas on a regular basis. The potential for serious collisions because of this activity is significant,” continued Sgt. Norman. “Any behaviour that causes a driver to potentially lose control of a vehicle is a concern. This includes racing, doing doughnuts, burnouts, drifting and other stunting activities.”

Since the operation began on May 1, 2019, police have written 281 tickets, laid two criminal code charges, and executed one warrant. Five vehicles have been towed and 71 warnings issued.

“We encourage anyone aware of street racing to report these activities to police,” noted Sgt. Norman. “We also ask friends and family of drivers that might be participating in this activity to encourage them to stop.”