Calgary, AB,

Driver clocked at 85 km/h over the speed limit, charged criminally

Traffic officers monitoring an active construction zone pulled a driver over on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, and charged them with the criminal code offence of dangerous operation of a conveyance.

The driver was clocked at 135 km/h in a marked 50 km/h construction zone on Stoney Trail N.E., west of Deerfoot Trail N.E. Workers were present, it was dark and road conditions were poor given the heavy rain conditions this week. The lane closest to the median was closed with flashing warning lights as workers and vehicles were in that lane. Officers report the vehicle made no attempt to slow as it approached or travelled through the construction zone.

“We are seeing an increased frequency of high-speed driving offences lately. It is becoming more common to see drivers speeding in excess of 50 km/h over the posted speed limit and a number of my officers have clocked drivers in excess of 100 km/h over the posted speed limit,” says CPS Traffic Section Acting Inspector Rob Patterson. “In an effort to improve safety on our streets, we are cracking down on these flagrant offenders. Where evidence exists to support the charge, we will be charging the most serious offenders under Section 320.13 of the Criminal Code with dangerous operation of a conveyance.”

Drivers are reminded to slow down, adhere to posted speed limits and drive with care. Fines are doubled in a construction zone. Driving at dangerously high speeds putting other drivers, workers or pedestrians at risk can result in a criminal charge.