City of Calgary advises caution with upcoming extreme heat

Today, The Calgary Emergency Management Agency along with its partners from the Calgary, Fire Department, Water Services and Environment and Climate Change Canada advised that citizens use extreme caution when navigating the extreme heat anticipated for our city over the next 10-days.

“If temperatures are as forecasted, this will be the most extreme heat event that our City has experienced in recent memory”, said Chief Sue Henry, Calgary Emergency Management Agency. “We want to make sure that citizens are prepared for what is to come and that we have considered the needs of our City’s most vulnerable.”

Calgary’s shelters continue to have capacity. If you see someone in need of shelter, call the DOAP Team at (403) 998-7388. If you see anyone in medical distress, call 911.

Heat-related illnesses can be fatal. Seniors, infants, those that live alone and those who have health conditions can be at risk. Reach out to anyone in your circle who might need assistance or extra support.

Pets are also vulnerable. Call 911 if you see an animal left in a hot parked vehicle. Look out for your own pets; watch for hot surfaces that might hurt to walk on and ensure there is always plenty of water.

“Calgarians have proven that whether it’s flood, fire, pandemic or any other situation, we can get through it by looking out for one another. Now is the time to check in on others who may struggle in this hot weather,” said Chief Henry.

Water wagons will be available in some areas of the City to provide access to drinking water. We want to remind citizens to please sanitize your hands after using the taps and use the water from the trucks to fill up reusable glasses and water bottles.

The City is advising citizens to conserve the use of water for life safety purposes during this intense heat.

“We anticipate our city will see very high water demand and our water treatment plants will be working hard to provide you with the water you need,” said John Jagorinec, Manager Water Treatment. “To help us keep up with the demand, we will be taking extra steps to conserve water, and would like Calgarians to be mindful of their own outdoor water consumption.”

The City is asking Calgarians to voluntarily reduce their outdoor water use during this heat wave by doing these three things:

  1. Reduce how often the lawn is watered.
  2. Keep your lawn 2-3 inches high, which will help retain moisture.
  3. If you need to water your lawn, water in the early morning or in the evening.

If citizens are planning a dip or a float along our rivers as a means to cool off, The Calgary Fire Department would like to remind you of the following:

  • If you are utilizing the river or a waterway for recreation purposes, ensure you have a properly fitting life jacket or personal flotation device for each individual.
  • Exercise caution around river banks as the fast-moving water can cause erosion and destabilization.
  • Remove lawn furniture and other portable items from the river bank.
  • Swimming or recreating in storm ponds is strictly prohibited.

The City encourages all water users to familiarize themselves with safety practice bylaws and safety alerts on 

Extreme heat can also cause challenges such as grass fires. Citizens should be mindful that activities such as outdoor fire pits and improperly discarded fire starting and smoking materials can ignite very quickly in dry conditions.

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