Calgary was made for shared electric scooters

Top places to scoot in YYC

With over 105,000 rides taken since Calgary’s scooter share pilot launched in July, there is no doubt that Calgarians are excited take this new trend for a spin. It’s easy to see why – with the most paved pathways of any city in North America and an extensive list of places to visit, it could be said that Calgary was made for scooters.

Did you know – 45,000 different people have tried a shared electric scooter in Calgary since their launch. People from all walks of life – from suits to backpacks can be seen riding scooters. All this that tallies up to more than 8,000 rides each day … and that puts our little Canadian city of Calgary in the top 10 for shared scooter ridership in North America!

Looking to try out a scooter for yourself? We’ve lined up a list of our favourite places to “scoot” in the city –

East Village River Pathway – Grab a friend and take a scoot along the beautiful river pathway and stop by the historic Simmons Building to grab a coffee. When out enjoying your ride, remember that it’s one rider per scooter - no doubling. You can use the Bird and Lime apps to find scooters close by for both you and your friend. The Lime app even allows you to reserve the scooter (for a fee).

Stephen Avenue – Looking for lunch but short on time? Grab a shared electric scooter and make your way down Stephen Avenue (8 Avenue) where there are dining options aplenty.

“Stephen Avenue is a great place to scooter, as it’s a designated bike route and pedestrian walkway during the day,” said Andrew Sedor, Business Development Coordinator, “Remember that this popular avenue is packed with pedestrians, bikes and scooters at lunch, so take your time and be courteous.”

Pro tip – use your bell if you’re passing someone on foot. The scooters are electric (and oh so quiet!) and you can inadvertently startle unsuspecting amblers. If you need another reason to watch out for others, interfering with a pedestrian can cost you a $150 fine.

Inglewood – Stuck for date night ideas? Visit the local shops and galleries that line 9 Avenue S.E. on scooter before grabbing dinner at one of the many restaurants nearby. Scooters are great for short trips and can be put on hold while you’re browsing the shops.

If your dinner includes a night-cap, remember that it’s illegal (and dangerous) to drink and operate a scooter. Instead, choose one of Calgary’s other popular ride share services, like a taxi or an Uber to get you and your date home safe.

Eau Claire – Heading to one of the many family-friendly events or festivals taking place in Eau Claire or on Princes Island Park this summer? Skip the parking and grab a scooter. Even better – take transit downtown and then use a scooter to get to complete the last leg of your journey.

Although the scooters look like toys, the pilot is restricted to those 18 and over. “The scooters are essentially a small motor vehicle,” explains Sedor, “If you’re using a scooter for the first time, it’s a great idea to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the brakes, steering and rules before you take off.”

The shared electric scooters are one more way that Calgarians and visitors alike can get out, enjoy summer and see all that our great city has to offer. Armed with your Bird or Lime app, you can hop on a scooter for any quick trip! When you’re done riding, remember to leave your scooter out of the way of the sidewalks and pathways.