Calgary Transit is hiring

Calgary Transit is hiring as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the efficiency and reliability of our public transport system.

With a growing demand for our services, Calgary Transit recognizes the crucial role trades professionals play in maintaining and repairing our diverse fleet of vehicles. To address this need, we are actively seeking skilled individuals to our maintenance department, including Heavy Equipment Technicians, Truck and Transport Technicians, Auto Body Technicians, Trades Foremen, Auto Body Apprentices and Electro Mechanic Trainees (includes HET, AST and T&T).

“As we seek to expand our service frequency, ensuring the reliability and safety of our vehicles is paramount,” said Karen Alm, Manager of Transit Service Vehicles at Calgary Transit. “We are in need of talented trades professionals who share our commitment to excellence and are eager to contribute to the continued success of Calgary's public transit system."

Prospective candidates are encouraged to visit to view these and other available opportunities at Calgary Transit.