Calgary prepares for snow season ahead

With the first snowflakes of the season just around the corner, we are ready to respond this winter season. Highlighting our commitment to public safety and efficient winter maintenance, we have been gearing up to keep Calgarians moving throughout the winter months. 

As the anticipated snow season approaches, citizens can be confident with our winter maintenance strategy. "We understand the critical role that timely and efficient winter maintenance plays in the lives of Calgarians," says Chris Hewitt, Manager of Mobility Maintenance at The City of Calgary. "Crews are diligently preparing, ensuring our equipment and materials are ready, and continuously exploring news ways to enhance service delivery.”

Each year we look for improvements to our snow response, and this season we will continue to prioritize removal of barriers of snow and ice along our priority routes. Our winter maintenance strategy includes round-the-clock availability for crews to provide Calgarians a safe and reliable transportation network. Whether you walk, wheel, drive or take transit, there is a dedicated team ready to tackle snow and ice, helping you reach your destination using an array of specialized equipment and machinery. 

"Our crews work day and night, to ensure that our transportation network remains safe for commuters during the winter months," added Hewitt. "With our 24/7 operational readiness, we aim to minimize any disruptions caused by weather conditions and maintain high standards of public safety and convenience." 

We encourage all of those living and visiting Calgary to prepare themselves for the colder weather, no matter how they travel. Ensure you are dressed appropriately and plan your route. If you’re driving, consider winterizing your vehicle in advance and leave plenty of time to get to where you need to go. If you’re walking or wheeling, be sure to dress in layers and wear proper footwear to help manage areas where ice could be present. 

We’re also reminding businesses and property owners of sidewalk responsibility following snowfall. While we do clear sidewalks next to City-owned property, most sidewalks in Calgary are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. Adjacent sidewalks should be cleared within 24 hours of snowfall end. Stay safe while shoveling: Ensure you are bundled up and take any necessary breaks should you require them. 

For more information on our winter maintenance operations and updates, visit