Calgary Fire Crews Respond to Willow Park House Fire

At approximately 11:45 on  the morning of  Wednesday,  April 27th,  a passerby  noticed what appeared to be flames in the basement of a single family home on 5 Street S.E.  He immediately called 9-1-1.  When fire crews arrived, they were met with fire in the basement and thick smoke throughout the house including on the main floor. Initial reports indicated there may be a person trapped in the basement however upon performing a search,  firefighters found an unconscious elderly woman on the main floor. She was quickly rescued from the home and transferred to EMS for transport to hospital.

Fire crews stated that a smoke alarm on the main floor had activated and was audible upon their entry into the home.  A Calgary Fire Department Fire Investigator  has been called to the scene to determine the origin and cause of the fire.  At the fire scene, fire crews were supported by Calgary Police Service Officers  with traffic management as well as AHS EMS personnel to care for any other injuries. 

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