2,503 volunteers pitch in for pathway and river cleanup

An abundance of natural spaces is one of Calgary’s top lifestyle and environmental features. On May 26, 2,503 registered volunteers, including nine LEAD youth volunteers, showed their appreciation and commitment to keeping Calgary green and clean by joining the 52nd annual pathway and river cleanup event.

Volunteers remove litter each spring from 170 locations including parks and nearly 200 kilometres of pathways and river banks.

“The Pathway and River Cleanup gives our city a good spring cleaning every year so the areas are safe, accessible and enjoyable,” says Parks Environmental Education program coordinator Hadi Fares.

The event would not be possible without the collaboration of Calgary Parks in partnership with Waste & Recycling Services, Water Services, Calgary Fire Department and Calgary Community Standards, and the generous sponsorship of ConocoPhillips Canada.

“ConocoPhillips is proud to be the Presenting Sponsor of the City of Calgary’s Parks and River Pathway Clean-up,” said Evelyn Ferchuk, Director of Communications and Community Investment. “Environmental sustainability and stewardship is important to us. Myself, and all of our ConocoPhillips volunteers, are pleased to work together with our fellow Calgarians to keep our city clean and beautiful.”

Many volunteers for the event return year after year, which in turn helps encourage new families and groups to step forward to help care for these important community spaces. For 2019, 84 of the volunteer groups were experienced, while 56 new groups joined in the fun.

“That sense of stewardship, pride and responsibility is wonderful to see. And something we want to inspire in Calgarians throughout the year,” says Hadi.

Be a green Calgary ambassadors and show your Calgary pride all year long by:
• Always picking up and properly disposing of waste
• Volunteering for cleanup events
• Organizing your own community cleanups
• Encouraging volunteerism with The City of Calgary year round

If you are involved in a cleanup event in your neighbourhood, be sure to pick up enough of The Litter Cleanup (TLC) kits to help get the job done. Each free TLC kit is equipped with enough cleanup supplies for 10 people. Visit for more information.