Woman rescues man she spotted in the Glenmore Reservoir

This morning just after 7:00, Calgary fire crews were called to North Glenmore Park for reports of a man who had been pulled from the water by a woman on her morning run. The woman noticed a boat near shore without anybody inside. Thinking this was odd, she went closer to the shoreline for a better look. She then saw something in the water which she initially thought was an animal however quickly realized it was a person. She immediately went into the water and pulled the person, a man in his mid twenties to shore.

Once she had him safely on shore, she ran up to the pathway and flagged down a cyclist who then called 9-1-1. The cyclist stayed on the pathway waiting to direct arriving emergency responders. The woman went back down to stay with the man until help arrived.

The man was breathing and was conscious when fire crews arrived on scene however not completely lucid. He was assessed by EMS and transported to an area hospital. 

It was determined that the boat found near him was not his and it is unclear if he is even connected to the boat in any way. The circumstances and timeline on how he came to be in the water are unclear. 

The woman's selfless actions this morning quite likely saved this man's life. Her attention to her surroundings and noticing the 'out of the ordinary' made a real difference. She will be recommended for a Calgary Fire Department Beyond the Call award by the fire crew that attended the incident this morning.