Update on City of Calgary response to weather forecast

CALGARY - Over the past 24 hours, the majority of precipitation for this system has fallen and the amount of rain was a bit less than the high end of the forecast. 

So far, approximately 75-100 mm of precipitation has been received. The system is starting to taper off with up to 40 mm of rain expected today. Fortunately, some of this precipitation fell as snow in the mountains, which helps as it takes time to melt and therefore slows the run-off. 

The peak river flow is still expected Tuesday night on the Elbow and Wednesday morning on the Bow. At this point, river flows are not expected to cause widespread overbank flooding.

During intense rainfalls, storm drains can be temporarily overwhelmed and it may take time for water to drain. If citizens see water pooling around storm drains and it hasn’t drained within 90 mins, take a photo and submit it via the 311 app or online request. This will help City crews respond on a priority basis. If immediate safety is a concern or water is entering a building, contact 311 immediately.

A boating advisory is in effect on both the Bow and Elbow Rivers, due to higher expected flow rates and the current forecast. Calgarians are advised against boating and all other watercraft activities on the Bow and Elbow River during this time. Members of the Calgary Fire Department Aquatics Team will be monitoring the rivers while the advisory is in place.

Here’s what you need to know to stay safe:

Park closures

The Bowness Park, St. Patrick’s Island and Prince’s Island Park will all be closed at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14. There may be additional impacted pathways and parks depending on conditions. Information on closures will be shared on

Road conditions

While the roads in Calgary generally remain safe to travel, we’re currently experiencing a few locations with pooling water on the roadway. In some areas, water pooling has impacted street signs and traffic signal operation. Detours and localized lane closures have been set up in impacted areas.

Motorists are advised to exercise caution while driving, particularly near low-lying areas and construction zones, where there may be debris or pooling on roads. 

Report pooled water on streets

The City of Calgary has special devices in the storm drains that allow the water to drain slowly and not overload the stormwater system. If citizens see water pooling around storm drains they should wait 90 mins and if it’s still not draining, take a photo and submit it via the 311 app or online request. This will help City crews respond on a priority basis.

Tree and power line impacts

The Environment Canada wind warning for Calgary has ended. The wind has resulted in some fallen trees and power outages across the city.

ENMAX Power has brought in extra crews to continue to work towards restoring power safely and quickly. ENMAX’s system is resilient and we continue to monitor and respond to weather conditions.

If you see a downed power line, stay back at least 10 metres. Do not attempt to remove branches or trees from wires.

Report the outage at or call ENMAX at 403-514-6100. If the line is sparking or on the ground, call 9-1-1. 

If you’d like to report a downed tree on City property or blocking a roadway, report it on the 311 app or online at If the tree is on private property, it is your responsibility to arrange removal services.

If the tree has fallen on a power line, call the Enmax Power Trouble Line at 403-514-6100. If you see sparks or fire, call 911.

Take steps to be flood ready

·       Move valuables and documents out of your basement as basement seepage is possible in river communities in lower-lying areas

·       If you have a sump pump or backflow valve, ensure it’s working.

·       Citizens should make sure to clean debris from eavestroughs, so they don’t overflow with water and seep into basements. Point downspouts away from homes onto grassy areas so water soaks into the ground.

Stay updated

Forecast and river conditions can change quickly and with little warning, so it’s important Calgarians continue to stay informed.Visit to sign up for emergency notifications and follow updates from The City through local media and on The City’s social media.

These conditions are current at the time of writing. Note that weather and river conditions are subject to rapid change without notice. The City is continually monitoring for changing conditions and will respond accordingly. To learn more about river flow rates, what is normal, and when flooding begins, visit our updated River Flow Rates webpage.

Additional support

We recognize that the uncertainty caused by the heavy rainfall can be a challenging and emotional experience.

If you need mental health support, one of the free, confidential help lines available is @211Alberta. Dial 211, text INFO to 211 or visit & click live chat.