Calgary, AB,

UPDATE: First responders injured by combative patient at crash site

One man has been charged and the Calgary Police Service continues to investigate a multiple vehicle collision on northbound Deerfoot Trail which left two EMS paramedics and a CPS member injured by a combative patient at the scene.

Investigators are working to determine the series of events leading up to the involvement with the combative man, yesterday, Monday, May 29, 2017. At this time it is believed he was driving a green/grey, 2006 Acura MDX, travelling northbound on Deerfoot Trail. Witnesses report the vehicle leaving the road on a number of occasions from the left lane into the median, returning to the road and colliding with witness vehicles, before becoming involved in a serious multi-vehicle incident between 17 Avenue S.E. and Memorial Drive.

Responding officers were checking on occupants of the vehicles involved in the multiple collisions along Deerfoot, when they were told by a witness that paramedics were struggling with a male occupant of the Acura MDX.

Several members of EMS and CFD were involved in the struggle with the man within the close confines of the vehicle. The man actively assaulted the paramedics, resulting in one receiving head injuries.

A second paramedic continued to grapple with the suspect within the close confines of the vehicle. Multiple CPS officers converged on the scene. Over the course of the altercation, three officers discharged their conducted energy weapons in multiple attempts to stop the assault on the medics. It is believed the second medic inadvertently touched the wires of a discharged CEW, resulting in a small shock.

Officers were able to remove the man from the vehicle while he continued to be combative. He was restrained while medics utilized sedation. The paramedic who sustained head injuries was transported to hospital in stable condition.

A CEW probe was found on the medic, however, it is not yet known if he came into contact with it as a direct result of a CEW deployment, or if it was an indirect contact as a result of his struggle with the suspect.

The paramedic who inadvertently touched the wires of the CEW was later transported to hospital for precautionary measures as a result of the assault against him by the suspect.

At this time it is believed that neither paramedic was hit by a direct CEW deployment during the incident. Their contact was indirect, as part of the ongoing struggle.

One police officer received minor injuries during the incident.

Officers are continuing to speak to witnesses and review both CCTV and police In Car Digital Video of the incident to confirm further details. The investigation continues and further charges are expected to be laid.

Kent Douglas WILSON, 52, has been charged with assault, assault causing bodily harm, assault against a peace officer, and resist arrest. He will next appear in court on July 5, 2017.

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