Calgary, AB,

Undercover operation results in 268 criminal charges

While leading with support through a variety of social partners, and an overt visible policing presence along Calgary CTrain lines, a three-week undercover drug trafficking operation resulted in 40 people facing 268 criminal charges.

“While our officers are leading with support and compassion, make no mistake that enforcement is a critical component of the equation to public safety,” says Chief Constable Mark Neufeld. “There are no illegitimate users of transit, but there are illegitimate uses of transit. Our expectation is that public spaces remain safe for those that are using them for their intended purpose. Anyone who jeopardizes that safety, will be dealt with accordingly.”

Using data analysis, the Drug Undercover Street Team (DUST), was deployed along the CTrain lines to target the areas of highest call volume. The purpose of the operation was to disrupt drug trafficking in these locations by arresting drug traffickers and imposing conditions of release that may deter the continuation of drug-related crimes in these areas.

Recognizing some of the drug traffickers were also addicts, the officers provided literature and contact information for organizations that assist in securing treatment, shelter and employment to all those who were arrested. DUST also worked with the Calgary Drug Treatment Court, ensuring all those who were arrested would be evaluated to see if CDTC was an option. By doing this, the Calgary Indigenous Court was also notified for culturally-appropriate assistance.

Between Tuesday, March 7, 2023, and Friday, March 24, 2023, enforcement occurred at Sunalta, Westbrook, Brentwood, Dalhousie, Crowfoot, Heritage Southland, Anderson, Chinook, Eighth Street, Rundle, Marlborough and Whitehorn stations. In total, there were 58 undercover drug purchases involving 40 alleged drug traffickers. Fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, morphine and Xanex, were among the drugs seized.

During the arrests, the following weapons were located:

  • 21 knives
  • Two machetes
  • Two hatchets
  • One can of bear spray
  • One BB gun
  • Two Airsoft pistols
  • One handgun

The investigation is ongoing and we would like to thank Calgary Transit officers who were instrumental in this operation by assisting with arrest and transportation teams.