The City of Calgary launching review of Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw

The City of Calgary is reviewing the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw and is looking for feedback from Calgarians. The Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw helps create safe and healthy neighbourhoods for people, their pets and neighbours.

Pet ownership means more to citizens than simply caring for cats and dogs. Emotional support animals, livestock such as chickens, and beekeeping are also becoming areas of interest.

“Calgarians' needs have changed since the bylaw was last updated 12 years ago,” says Jennifer Lawlor, Business Strategist, Calgary Community Standards. “This engagement will help The City understand what is working with the current bylaw and what else should be included in the bylaw.”

Citizens will be asked to provide feedback on topics such as urban agriculture, wildlife in Calgary, licensing, vicious dogs, and feral, stray and roaming cats. All input collected online and in person will be used to develop potential amendments to the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. In the second phase of engagement The City will seek feedback on potential amendments before presenting to City Council in early 2021.

Citizens can provide feedback both online and in person from Feb. 26 to March 18. More information on the bylaw and the engagement can be found at