Statement regarding Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw

Like most municipalities across Canada, The City of Calgary has rules and regulations regarding temporary roadside signs to balance the need for signage with safety and aesthetics. All temporary roadside signs are subject to the Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw 29M97. Signs will be removed if they are in contravention of the bylaw, which may be due to a variety of factors, including allowable location and allowable size. Continued offences may result in fines.

Since January, The City has removed nearly 2,000 non-compliant signs of all kinds. When The City is made aware of non-compliant signs, either through 311 requests or reports from field crews, we remove them using a standard process. Sign owners of non-compliant signs are then contacted and given an opportunity to retrieve them.

We are aware of a number of signs placed by Project YYC that are not in compliance with the bylaw due to size or location and have either been removed or will be scheduled for removal as they are reported as part of our standard processes.

More information about the bylaw, including what’s permissible and how to be compliant can be found on