Calgary, AB,

Statement on CPS-related COVID-19 Staffing

The number one focus for the Calgary Police Service is ensuring public and officer safety. Given that we cannot always completely control contact with the community in crisis situations, we have to be extra vigilant when it comes to COVID-19. As such, we have very stringent processes in place to not only take proactive steps to reduce the spread of COVID, but also track and monitor employees that have been tested positive, or who are symptomatic and therefore also isolating.

 The vast majority of our members understand the importance of vaccinations and as such we currently have a vaccination rate of just over 93 per cent. As we have seen in the general community, however, this does not prevent transmission. At present, based on the new five-day isolation period, we have 36 members off that have tested positive for COVID-19. Of those, 33 are fully vaccinated. We also have 35 members who are showing symptoms and are currently in isolation as a precaution.

 Although these numbers are relatively small given the size of our organization, we have had to adjust some shifts to provide additional support to the frontline. This specific area of the Service was already facing staffing challenges, including higher than anticipated attrition rates due to City pension changes, as well as COVID restrictions on hiring and training. Regardless, they continue to do an amazing job serving the community while under significant pressures. With this redeployment plan, and as things currently stand, members of the public can rely on the fact that if they are in crisis we will have the resources to support them. There will, however, be some impact on other services including proactive community policing, youth intervention and support services, as well as increased length of investigations for some offences.

 We will continually monitor the situation and adjust our plans and resources accordingly. In the meantime, members of the public can help reduce the strain on resources by using our online reporting system for non-urgent incidents.