Spring 2020 Research Results

The 2020 Spring Pulse Survey results are in and satisfaction with the level and quality of City programs and services has seen an increase from both Fall and Spring 2019.

The City of Calgary conducts an annual Spring Pulse Survey to gather citizens’ views and perceptions about City programs and services. Findings from these surveys provide a performance-based report for Council, Administration and the public.

Recognizing the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in with the COVID-19 pandemic, The City is also releasing results of additional surveys with a focus on COVID-19. These surveys provide citizen perceptions regarding the impacts they are feeling as a result of COVID-19 as well as their level of satisfaction with The City’s pandemic response. The Spring 2020 research results will be presented to Council and published on on June 15, 2020.

Spring 2020 Research Results Highlights

  • Citizens are increasingly pleased with City programs and services with 77 per cent indicating that they are satisfied overall, up three points from 74 per cent in Fall 2019.
  • This year, 79 per cent of Calgarians say the quality of life in Calgary is “good,” four percentage points lower than Fall 2019 (83 per cent).
  • Additionally, one-half of Calgarians (52 per cent) agree that Calgary is a great place to make a living and three-quarters (74 per cent) agree that Calgary is a great place to make a life, which is consistent with Spring 2019, though down 5 points from 79 per cent in Fall 2019.
  • Even though Calgarians see the pandemic as a threat to the local community and to their personal financial situation, more than eight-in-ten Calgarians (82 per cent) state they are satisfied with The City’s COVID-19 response.
  • Calgarians are more concerned with the big picture than with the personal impacts of COVID-19. Nine-in-ten Calgarians (89 per cent) agree that COVID-19 is a major threat to Calgary’s economy. More than one-half (58 per cent) see COVID-19 as a major threat to the health of Calgary’s population. A minority of Calgarians feel that COVID-19 is a major threat to their personal financial situation, mental health or physical health (30%, 26% and 25% respectively).
  • Despite the perception that the economy is under the greatest threat, the social heart of Calgary comes through in this research which shows Calgarians prioritize lives over livelihoods. Two-thirds of Calgarians (64%) would like to prioritize health and the economy equally. However, the balance of citizens prioritize health (29%) vs. economy (7%).

Calgarians are encouraged to sign up for Citizens’ View, Calgary’s online panel at to have their say in City programs and services on an ongoing basis.

The detailed findings from The City’s Spring 2020 research, including the methodologies for each study, are available at