Shared electric scooters given the green light

Calgarians can expect to see shared electric scooters on the streets as early as this week thanks to the launch of the Shared Electric Scooter Pilot, a new 16-month pilot program. An exemption to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act was granted late last week, a significant step in legalizing the operation of shared electric scooters in Alberta.“We’re proud to be launching shared electric scooters in Calgary,” said Ryan Vanderputten, Director of Transportation Planning. “Electric scooter and bike sharing are new industries for Calgary. Through these pilots, The City is supporting private business and providing additional mobility options for getting around the city – all at no cost to taxpayers.”

Permit applications are currently open for companies who wish to provide scooter sharing services in Calgary. Provided all conditions to safely operate are met, it’s anticipated they will be launching as early as this week. For the pilot, The City will allow third-party operator to each launch up to 1000 shared electric scooters. Riders will be allowed to operate on our city sidewalks, exclusive bicycle lanes and parks and pathways.

“This pilot program is again demonstrating that the City of Calgary is working quickly to support business and emerging economic opportunities,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “Of course, public safety is crucial, and the pilot will also be focused on ensuring that any company operating electric scooters is doing so responsibly.”

Similar to the popular bikeshare pilot that launched in Calgary last fall, which has seen more than 100,000 trips to date, Calgary’s pilot will operate on a dockless system, meaning scooters will not be required to be returned to a kiosk or docking station.

“The pilot program will allow The City to partner with private industry to explore new ways of providing flexible, affordable, and accessible mobility options for Calgarians,” said Nathan Carswell, Shared Transportation Program Manager from The City of Calgary. “With the launch happening in July, we hope to see people taking advantage of the summer weather to try out a scooter in some of our most popular months for active transportation.”

Shared electric scooters are available to riders aged 18+. Helmets are encouraged but not required and the maximum riding speed is 20 km/hr. Riders are reminded that it is illegal to operate shared electric scooters under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

For more information on the shared electric scooter project, including the permit application process, navigate to