Recognizing Asian Heritage Month


It is Asian Heritage Month, with virtual activities to honour, educate and celebrate the history and heritage of Calgary’s Asian community during the month of May. There is something for everyone – from celebrating Asian food and art, to language and culture.

"Calgarians’ recognition of the 2021 Asian Heritage Month during this challenging time of a pandemic and escalating anti-Asian racism is a recognition of the resilience of Asian Canadians overcoming legislative discrimination; systemic barriers and anti-Asian racism and hate,” says Teresa Woo-Paw, founder and co-chair of the Asian Heritage Foundation, which annually plans and organizes activities and celebrations for the month.

“Asian Heritage Month is a time to explore and celebrate the resolve of Asian Canadians and Canadian society to ensure we will be the inclusive society that we aspire to be.”

This morning, Calgary City Council recognized the Asian Heritage Foundation and the important role the Asian community plays in shaping Calgary – past, present and future. Council also condemned the rise in anti-Asian racism and violence against Asian Canadians. Asian Heritage Month is a great reminder for all citizens about the valuable contribution of Calgary’s Asian community – to our culture, our economy, and our history.

“As councillor for Chinatown, I have been honoured to learn from and work with organizations representing Asian Canadians of all backgrounds,’ says Ward 7 Councillor Druh Farrell. "Their stories shared with me over the years have taught me about incredible people who helped to shape a diverse, vibrant and prosperous Canada.”

The City of Calgary is currently working with the Chinatown community on Tomorrow’s Chinatown, the first planning project that features a cultural plan for Chinatown in coordination with a new Local Area Plan. In addition to this multi-year project, The City continues to be dedicated to supporting the work of anti-Asian racism and community building initiatives.

“Anti-Asian racism has no place in our city and, as we celebrate the past, we must continue the push for a more inclusive future,” says Councillor Farrell.

Asian Heritage Month Info

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  • Designated in 2002 by the Government of Canada, Asian Heritage Month is a time to reflect on and celebrate the contributions of Asian Canadian to the growth and prosperity of Canada