Provide feedback on parking recreational vehicles on residential properties

Starting today, The City of Calgary invites Calgarians to share their thoughts on recreational vehicle (RV) parking on the front driveways of residential properties, as regulated by the Calgary Community Standards Bylaw.

Feedback on the duration, benefits, and impacts of residential RV parking restrictions will help inform potential bylaw amendments in 2023. Under the current bylaw, if an RV is parked on the front of the property, it must be on a hard-surfaced driveway or parking stall and cannot be parked for more than 36 consecutive hours.

“Residential RV parking regulations mitigate potential impacts on properties and in neighbourhoods, including visibility and safety concerns (such as blocking views along streets and sidewalks for recreational use and drivers), and overall aesthetics,” says Aalika Kohli, Business Strategist, Community Strategies.

 “As RV ownership has evolved locally, we are seeking Calgarians’ feedback to update the definition of RVs, and to better understand perspectives on parking RVs in residential communities, from both owners and neighbours,” says Kohli.

The 36-hour front area residential RV parking term allows for reasonable use of RVs, in order to clean, load and/or unload, for example. The bylaw does not limit side or rear parking in residential areas. Long-term use of RVs on residential properties is not permitted under city bylaws.

From January 23 to February 13, Calgarians can visit to provide feedback on the bylaw RV definition and share their opinion on front driveway RV parking on residential properties.

The engagement is open to all Calgarians who wish to participate. Feedback received from Calgarians will be used in a What We Heard Report, and to inform recommendations that will be presented to the Community Development Committee in May 2023.

 In June 2022, Calgary City Council directed Administration to review Calgary’s existing residential RV parking regulations, including the definition of RVs. Administration will also conduct a jurisdictional scan of best practices for parking and use of RVs on private residential property.