Plus 15 Wayfinding Improvements Project: Phase 2 Engagement

We are looking to make it easier for people to navigate the Plus 15 walkway network downtown.

The network is well-used by people who live, work, and visit downtown, but it can be a confusing place to navigate and wayfinding signage and mapping needs an update. We’re aiming for a clear wayfinding system with a better user experience for those who use the network while working or visiting downtown.

Earlier this year, we asked for feedback from citizens on what they felt were the pain points while using the Plus 15 network. Questions centered around barriers to accessibility, issues with navigation, memorable locations as well as “must-see” destinations that you might take a visitor. We took that feedback and used it to help inform our Phase 2 of engagement.

We are now asking citizens to review three possible design options for wayfinding signage as well as one map option and provide feedback. Feedback from this phase of engagement will inform how the design concepts and map are refined. Phase 2 of engagement will be open from June 14 until June 27 and is available at:

“As people return to their offices downtown and visitors start coming back, we want to be able to provide them the best experience possible navigating the Plus 15 system,” says Jennifer Black, Coordinator, Liveable Streets Programs Team. “With a modern look and feel, and updated accessibility standards, everyone will be able to get around easier. We are really looking to Calgarians to confirm that what we heard in the last round of engagement hit the mark. And to help us advance these designs.”

The City and our partners operate the Plus 15 network which includes 86 bridges and more than 16 km of elevated walkaways that connect more than 100 buildings. Accessibility standards have changed over the years, along with best practices for wayfinding. Modernizing the Plus 15 wayfinding system will help everyone get around easier. By updating the wayfinding system, we are helping to integrate the Plus 15 network with transit and street-level amenities, which will support Calgary’s downtown and local businesses.