Opening of 88 Street Street S.E. extension

As we continue supporting Calgary’s growth, the completion of the 88 Street S.E. extension between Stoney Trail and 196 Avenue S.E. will serve as an important connector between future communities as well as facilitating development in Calgary’s Southeast. Adjacent to the community of Mahogany, one of Calgary’s fastest growing communities, this project allows for development to begin east of Seton Town Centre and provides direct access to new communities in Rangeview, as well as a second access to the Mahogany community.

“With multiple developments ongoing in Seton and in adjacent areas, we are excited to be providing more ways for people to connect with each other, now and into the future. The extension of 88 Street S.E. and a connection to a future 196 Avenue S.E. will help to serve a major employment hub like the South Health Campus and those looking to live, work and play in Calgary’s southeast,” said Nik Danilov, Senior Transportation Engineer.

Spanning 2.6 kilometres, from the interchange at Stoney Trail and Highway 22X, connecting to 196 Avenue S.E., work has been ongoing since July 2020 to extend 88 Street SE from Stoney Trail to 196 Avenue SE, doubling the capacity of the road with two northbound and two southbound lanes, the first phase in a plan for a future six-lane road.

“This is an example of the exceptional growth and community development that’s happening in our Ward. It’s great to see Mahogany and Rangview have a new access as this will pave the way for a better connected Ward12. This is a success because it reduces traffic congestion and best of all, provides more travel opportunities for Calgarians," said former Ward 12 Councillor Shane Keating.