Now hiring Civic Census Workers

Interested in doing a job that counts? The City of Calgary is recruiting Census Workers.

The Census team collects valuable information used in many aspects of City planning and service delivery. Applications are now being accepted online at

There are three worker positions available for 2019. Please review the position descriptions below and consider applying if you are:

  • Available to collect census information starting late April 2019;
  • Able to complete training in April 2019;
  • Comfortable getting around in all weather conditions;
  • Able to navigate around a residential neighbourhood easily;
  • Can carry 9.0 kg (20 lbs); and
  • Able to operate a tablet computer (training is provided)

Census Outreach Worker

Census Outreach workers will be assigned shifts at locations throughout the City (e.g. public libraries, malls, recreation centres) where they will approach citizens and assist them in completing their census online. Census Outreach will take place between April 8 to 20, 2019.

Census Worker

Census Workers go door-to-door visiting homes to collect census information using tablets. To be successful, Census Workers manage their own hours which may vary during the day, evening and on weekends between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. to ensure completion within the collection period beginning April 22, 2019. Census Workers will be required to provide regular communication and updates to the On-street Supervisor. Census Workers work mid-April through May until their areas are complete.

Census On-street Supervisor (New for 2019)

Census On-street Supervisors will be responsible for regular communication with a group of Census Workers and provide support for questions/concerns about the job. They will provide on-site supervision, daily check-ins and will complete the provincially mandated audit of a specified area.

All positions above require that you are a self-starter, well organized, good attention to detail and are comfortable communicating with members of the public.


  • A security clearance is required before any final offer of position(s)
  • Training is provided
  • Use of a personal phone is required

The online census will begin April 1, where citizens will be able to fill out their own information through our website using an access code sent in the mail. The remainder of households who did not participate in the census online will have their census data collected by Census Workers beginning in late April.

For more information on Calgary’s annual Census, visit