News Release: City Calgary COVID-19 update April 28

City of Calgary update on response to COVID-19 – April 28, 2020

The City of Calgary would like to remind citizens that we remain in a State of Local Emergency. This is to support the Province of Alberta’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19. The City of Calgary, in collaboration with social agencies, the business community, civic partners and citizens, is taking immediate action to respond to COVID-19.

Please see below for the latest updates.


With Spring here, Calgarians are taking advantage of the sunnier weather and spending more time outside. City of Calgary Parks’ ambassadors were out over the weekend educating citizens enjoying parks, paths and green spaces about safety requirements to adhere to and had lots of positive feedback to share.

Calgary Community Standard officers conducted 362 patrols since Friday and also noted improvements in physical distancing in busier park spaces. However, they reported issuing 140 warnings as well as:

  • three violation tickets of $1,200 to adults not following physical distancing requirements in Lindsay Park and refusing to separate;
  • three violation tickets of $400 to adults using a skatepark; and
  • three violation tickets of $120 to individuals for drinking in a public space.

“Giving out tickets is always a last resort. We need Calgarians to understand the seriousness of following the public health order by respecting physical distance requirements,” says Calgary Emergency Management Agency Deputy Chief Sue Henry. “It’s really up to you to do your part to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

Since Friday, there were 1,515 calls to 311 related to COVID-19 concerns and inquires. Of those, 338 calls were related to physical distancing concerns. Of this number, 311 dispatched 164 service requests to Bylaw Services including:

  • 58 calls about physical distancing concerns in public spaces;
  • 34 calls regarding concerns in private yards or areas;
  • 38 calls regarding concerns around playground use; and
  • 34 calls regarding public gatherings less than 14 people not practicing the requirements.

In addition, 31 concerns were dispatched to the Calgary Police Service regarding mass gatherings over 15 people and one violation ticket was issued under the Public Health Act.

Business Licence received 40 calls from citizens, bringing the total number of COVID-19 concerns to 560. Alberta Health Services, Business Licence, CPS, and AGLC followed up by inspecting several businesses. Two businesses were issued warnings.

We are continuing to conduct weekly inspections for the foreseeable future and non-essential business found operating in contravention of the public health order could face multiple fines, suspension or revocation of their business licence, in conjunction with charges under the Public Health Act.

If citizens have concerns to report, please call 311 or submit an online service request on

Residents applaud Crescent Road closure

Last week, parking was restricted on the south side of Crescent Road to reduce traffic, litter and congestion in the community, and use of the McHugh Bluff Stairs. The City received positive feedback from residents regarding the road closure and increased Police and Peace Officer presence in the area.

Additional facility closures

Until further notice, disc golf courses are closed, including use of the equipment and infrastructure and organized sports such as tennis cannot be played. The green spaces are open for passive recreation such as walking.

The City will continue to look for ways to create safe outdoor areas to provide citizens with extra space to walk, bike and get outside. You can find a list of facility closures on

Supporting businesses

Supporting local businesses is more important than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses in Calgary hard and The City knows many were already challenged from a tough economy. Recently, The City reached out to local companies Hippo Hug and Alberta Garment Manufacturers to source face coverings for our frontline City employees.

Alberta Garment Manufacturers had been supplying The City with coveralls in the past, and Hippo Hug had made materials for the Calgary Fire Department, when The City asked them to create face coverings for our employees. The City is grateful they were able to switch gears and rise to the challenge to make face coverings for employees to wear while they are out serving Calgarians.

You too can support local businesses while physical distancing.

  • Buy from local businesses online;
  • Purchase gift cards to use later;
  • Order delivery or takeout from local restaurants;
  • Leave positive reviews of businesses you love on social media; and
  • Spread the word about how businesses are shifting their services online.

For more information, visit

Street sweeping

Community street sweeping started earlier in April and will be running until the end of June, on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The City would like to thank citizens for helping our crews get the roads cleaned quickly by moving vehicles off the streets. View your community’s schedule at