Memorial Drive open to Limited Traffic

CALGARY – The City of Calgary reopened two lanes of Memorial Dr. tonight.

In an effort to balance emergency preparedness with citizen needs, City crews have removed part of the temporary flood barrier on Memorial Drive and reopened two lanes of traffic through the area.

The barrier was originally put in place to mitigate flood damage in the community of Sunnyside.

While the worst of the weather system that brought heavy rains and strong winds has blown over, the Calgary Emergency Management Agency, The City’s Water Resources and our partner agencies are aware another system moving in early next week that has the potential for heavy rains to return to the area.

Removing a small portion of the berm to allow traffic leaves most of the road barricade intact should water levels rise as a result of next week’s weather system. This will allow crews to quickly rebuild the barrier if required.  

Motorists are asked to drive carefully and obey temporary signage in the area. Pathways and sidewalks in the area will remain closed.

The barrier will be fully removed and Memorial Drive completely reopened once The City is confident that the risk of the second weather system has passed.

The City of Calgary, the Calgary Emergency Management Agency and its partners remain committed to Calgarians’ safety and will inform Calgarians of any significant upcoming changes as they are warranted.