Calgary, AB,

Joint Statement on Anti-Racism Next Steps

Calgary Police Commission – Calgary Police Service – Calgary Police Association – Calgary Police Senior Officers Association

As we listen to the public hearings underway this week at City Council, we see the courage demonstrated by many Calgarians who are bringing forward their experiences with racism in Calgary.

We hear those experiences. We acknowledge that systemic racism exists in all our institutions and we are committed to taking action. Every citizen should feel safe and every citizen should be able to trust that police will treat them fairly. Building this trust requires constant, consistent and intentional work.

While CPS has recently met with some community advocates, we agree with Dr. Malinda Smith that additional engagement is needed between police and racialized communities. We will reach out today to invite Dr. Smith and members of the City’s expert advisory panel to debrief on the public hearings, to help identify additional groups to work with, and to work with us on the next steps for the Calgary Police Service.

It is our goal to continue meaningful engagement and make real changes toward ending systemic racism. We want to thank the community for making recommendations and for their willingness to stay engaged as we work to improve public safety for citizens and enhance confidence in the Calgary Police Service. We know that the members of the Calgary Police Service who have committed their lives to making Calgary a safe place to live look forward to joining the community’s efforts toward building a more inclusive city.

Chair Bonita Croft, Calgary Police Commission

Chief Mark Neufeld, Calgary Police Service

President John Orr, Calgary Police Association

President Gerry Francois, Calgary Police Senior Officers Association