Glenmore Dam pathway reopens in time for long weekend as Dam upgrades complete

Today, The City of Calgary celebrated the completion of the Glenmore Dam improvements with an opening event to recognize how this key investment provides both greater flood protection and increased drinking water storage.

One of the key upgrades was the installation of 21 new higher steel gates. Each gate is 2.5 metres high and weighs 10,000 pounds (4,545 kilograms).

In the spring, the newly installed steel gates provide an extra 10 billion litres in storage for greater flood protection along the Elbow River. As winter approaches and flows along the Elbow River slow, the gates allow The City to store double the amount of water in the reservoir, which helps meet the needs of a growing city.

“The possibility of a flood along the Elbow River is something we cannot risk,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “This project is the first major milestone in providing the protection Calgarians expect. By adding 10 billion additional litres of capacity, we have doubled the protection offered by the Glenmore reservoir, and that is reason for celebration. The next step is the approval and construction of the Springbank Reservoir, and we will continue to provide whatever support is necessary to the Province to ensure it is completed.”

“Flooding presents a serious threat to public safety and can have devastating impacts on homes, businesses and critical infrastructure. The upgrades at Glenmore Dam will bring peace of mind to those living and working downstream and help avoid disruption to lives and livelihoods during severe weather events,” says Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks.

The $81 million investment was a collaboration between The City of Calgary and the Province of Alberta with $7.6 million of funding received from the Alberta Community Resilience Program. This provincial grant program supports the development of long-term resilience to flood and drought. The improvements to the Glenmore Dam gates increase our flood resiliency along the Elbow River, protecting the safety of thousands of Calgarians and critical infrastructure in downtown Calgary.

Glenmore Dam pathway re-opens on Sept. 4

The Glenmore Dam pathway is also being re-opened in time for the long weekend as Calgarians soak up the last days of summer. This section of the pathway is an important connector in the Elbow River pathway network, which will allow people to enjoy more than 27 kilometres of uninterrupted biking and walking around the Reservoir and along the banks of Calgary’s Elbow River.

Pathway users will notice some significant improvements to the Glenmore Dam pathway. Thanks to the relocation of the utility pipes that used to sit on top of the bridge deck, the once narrow pathway has doubled in width. This additional space allows for dedicated lanes for cyclists and pedestrians, improving the experience for everyone. Calgarians will also be able to take in unobstructed views of Calgary’s downtown skyline and upstream on the Elbow River.

The City appreciates Calgarians’ patience throughout the construction. Please be courteous to other pathway users, and remember to slow down and maintain a safe physical distance.

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