Extension of Symons Valley Parkway opens new connection for northwest communities

CALGARY ­— Residents in northwest Calgary will be travelling easier thanks to the completion of a missing link on Symons Valley Parkway (128 Ave. N.W.) between 37 St. and Symons Valley Rd. N.W.

Several improvements have been implemented as part of this work, including new traffic signals and turning lanes at both the 37 St. and Symons Valley Rd. intersections, six traffic lanes, additional street lighting and expansion of the storm water system. An accessible, multi-use pathway has also opened on the north side of Symons Valley Parkway.

Opening under budget at approximately $8M, the nearly 700m extension along this busy northwest corridor provides a consistent and streamlined driving experience and improved accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition to reducing travel times and traffic congestion, the new direct route will help to reduce traffic cutting through residential areas in Kincora and Sage Hill.

“Communities in this area have seen significant growth over the past several years, so this was a critical piece of infrastructure to help improve both connections and safety,” says Councillor Joe Magliocca. “This extension not only provides more efficient access for residents – whether driving, cycling or walking – but also for the emergency services they rely upon.”

In addition to the completed road and multi-use pathway, pedestrians can look forward to additional pathway and sidewalk connections along the south side of Symons Valley Parkway and 37 St. N.W. scheduled to open in spring 2020.

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