Cool spaces to help you beat the heat

The City of Calgary has created an interactive map of spaces to help keep you cool on hot summer days.

The map includes publicly accessible water fountains, splash parks and wading pools, libraries and recreation centres and other spaces that will welcome those needing a brief respite from the heat.

Locate a cool space near you by entering an address or zoom in to find your neighbourhood. The more you zoom into a location the more detail you will see. Tapping (for mobile users) or clicking on a location will bring up the location’s address and any applicable operational hours.

Taking even short breaks in the shade or indoors will help you keep your core temperature lower and out of that dangerous zone where you can become sick with a heat-related illness.

The map is available here: What to do during extreme heat (









Other tips for a healthy, enjoyable summer:

· Drink plenty of water before you get thirsty to avoid becoming dehydrated.
· Dress for the weather by wearing loose fitting clothes, a brimmed hat and UVA and UVB protected sunglasses.
· Pay attention to weather forecasts, wear sunscreen and never leave people or pets inside a parked vehicle or in direct sunlight.
· If someone in your life is more vulnerable to the dangers of heat (elderly, infants, people who live alone or with health concerns), make sure you check on them regularly.
· The City reminds residents that heat stroke is a medical emergency. If you experience any symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately.

More tips and resources are available at