City to bring updated Green Line route to Committee Monday

On Monday, June 1 Administration will present reports to the Green Line Committee of Council on the Updated Stage 1 route, finance and governance.

Updates to the route include:

  • A surface alignment on Centre Street N and a surface station at 16 Avenue N
  • A bridge over the river
  • Addition of 9 Avenue N Station in Crescent Heights
  • A Below-grade station/portal at 2 Avenue S.W. to be integrated in Eau Claire Market redevelopment site
  • 7 Avenue underground station
  • An underground alignment on 11 Avenue in the Beltline and an underground station at 4 Street S.E.
  • BRT improvements

“This updated alignment provides a high quality transit system while addressing previous concerns about budget, construction risk and customer experience,” said Michael Thompson, General Manager of Green Line. “It helps us deliver the full Stage 1 route from 16 Avenue N to Shepard and deliver the best value for Calgarians.”

This updated route provides benefits including:

  • Maximizing ridership
  • Directly connecting people to the core
  • Facilitates future expansion north and south
  • Connecting people to the Beltline and the Entertainment District
  • BRT enhancements in the north.

Green Line is more than a commuter line that gets people to and from downtown. Green Line connects all types of Calgarians to jobs and services throughout all our communities. Transit serves not only those who commute to and from downtown for work, but also those who work in our communities, those who go to school, and those who cannot or do not wish to drive.

“High quality transit, like LRT, is a necessity for cities to grow, be attractive to a talented workforce, and to be competitive economic centres, locally and internationally,” said Thompson. “With this in mind, the Green Line is planned for long-term city building opportunities and spurring redevelopment and investment opportunities in Calgary businesses and communities.”

As The City’s largest job creation project, construction of Green Line Stage 1 will be a critical component of The City’s COVID-19 recovery effort by creating approximately 20,000 direct and supporting jobs over the duration of construction. We are continuing to move forward to support Calgary’s economic response and long-term recovery. Construction of the Green Line will keep tax dollars in the city, investing in public infrastructure that will serve the needs of Calgarians for decades to come and creating needed jobs in the coming years. The Enabling Works program is keeping people in Calgary working today and will continue to generate jobs between now and when the main construction is scheduled to start in 2021.

How to participate in the Committee meeting

  • Members of the public can sign up to speak at the meeting until June 1, just so long as the item they want to speak to hasn’t already passed.
  • Public wishing to speak are invited to contact the City Clerk’s Office by email at to register and to receive further information.
  • City Clerks will send out instructions on how to speak during the meeting by phone to members of the public who register leading up to and on the day of meeting.

You can watch the committee meeting online at

For more information on the updated Stage 1 route visit