City releases updated Green Line Route for public feedback

On Tuesday, January 28 the Green Line team presented an updated Stage 1 of the Green Line route to City Council. These changes will help address construction risk, cost and customer experience concerns on the project.

“The changes to the Green Line route reduce project risk while delivering the full stage 1 route from 16 Avenue N to Shepard and providing the best investment for Calgarians,” said Michael Thompson, General Manager, Green Line.

In July 2019 Council directed Administration to review the Stage 1 route. Updates to the route include:

  • A surface alignment on Centre Street N and a surface station at 16 Avenue N
  • A bridge over the river
  • A surface station at 2 Avenue S.W. in Eau Claire
  • 7 Avenue underground station
  • An underground alignment on 11 Avenue in the Beltline and an underground station at 4 Street S.E.
  • 21 kilometres of BRT enhancements

This updated route provides benefits including:

  • Maximizing ridership
  • Directly connecting people to the core
  • Facilitates future expansion north and south
  • Connecting people to the Beltline and the Entertainment District
  • BRT enhancements in the north.

The updates indicate focus areas The City will be working on over the next two months. In March 2020, Administration will present a recommended Stage 1 alignment along with feedback collected from Calgarians to Council for a decision.

“We know we need to continue working with stakeholders and Calgarians as the project progresses, but the time for exploring new options is over. We need to move this important project forward,” Thompson said. “Building Stage 1 of the Green Line is a pivotal step in fulfilling the full Green Line vision. Stage 1 builds the core of the project while preparing for the future.”

Starting January 29, Calgarians will be able to provide feedback on the updated Stage 1 alignment online and at in-person events later in February and early March.

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