City of Calgary reviewing vehicle-for-hire bylaw

Seeking public and industry input on Calgary’s taxis, rideshares and limousines

The City is reviewing our Livery Transport Bylaw, which regulates taxis, limousines, and Transportation Network Companies (also referred to as ‘rideshares’) operating in our city. We make sure that drivers have the right security checks, qualifications and insurance, and that vehicles have had mechanical inspections. These areas are regulated so we can ensure high standards of safety and reliability for vehicle-for-hire customers.

In 2016, Calgary’s Livery Transport Bylaw was revised to allow rideshares to operate legally in our city. The Livery Transport Bylaw review is intended to determine what, if any, amendments are needed to better serve customers and industry.

“Now that rideshares have been part of our vehicle-for-hire options for three years, we’re reviewing the bylaw to make sure the regulations within it are still supporting customers and industry,” explains Abdul Rafih, Chief Livery Inspector.

“The bylaw allows us to set standards that support consistent and accessible fares, convenience, safety and availability of choices. We want to hear from Calgarians how these regulations are contributing to their customer experiences.”

Online engagement for customers of taxis, rideshares and limos launches today at and is available until November 17.

A separate online survey and in-person engagement will be held specifically for members of the livery industry. Industry-specific engagement will take place between November 18 and 30 and details will be shared directly with stakeholders.

The City will also conduct a best practices review of vehicle-for-hire regulations across North America. Input from the public, livery industry members and findings from the best practices review will be used to determine potential amendments.