City of Calgary launches 2019-22 Service Plans and Budgets Engagement

Every four years, The City of Calgary creates service plans and budgets to deliver on what is important to Calgarians. Input from citizens is an important part of building these plans and budgets. Starting April 2 through to April 22, citizens are encouraged to visit or call 311 to provide their input on what they value most about City services.

“We are encouraging Calgarians to give their feedback online and help shape Calgary’s next four years,” says Nicole Schaefer, leader for the 2019-2022 Service Plans and Budgets. “Their feedback will help us understand what Calgarians value about City services, which will inform our plans and budgets for the next four years.”

For 2019-2022, The City will be planning and budgeting by service, instead of by department. Traditionally, plans and budgets have been based on organizational structure and presented by department and business unit.

“This service-based approach will see information presented by individual services, which will provide more clarity on what services Calgarians are receiving for their tax dollars,’ says Schaefer. “It will also make it easier for Council to make investment decisions and communicate these decisions to Calgarians,” she adds.

To learn more and provide your input, visit before April 22. Your feedback will inform the 2019-2022 plans and budgets, which will be reviewed by your City Council in November of 2018.