City kicks off Gender Equality Week with She Governs, a model City Council for young females

To kick off Gender Equality Week on September 23, The City of Calgary is providing an opportunity for emerging young female leaders to participate in a model city council. The program, She Governs, provides a forum where Grade 9 to 12 students will represent municipal wards to discuss local issues. Participants will hear from City Councillors, participate as representatives in Council Chamber, and learn about the work City Council and Administration does every day on behalf of Calgarians.

“Your experience as young leaders will help to shape the future of our city,” said Councillor Gondek to the She Governs participants. “Your voices need to be heard and amplified so that inclusivity becomes the norm and not a buzz word.”

The She Governs program is delivered in partnership with Equal Voice Alberta South, a local non-partisan group whose goals include introducing local young female leaders to municipal politics and creating a forum where they can discuss important local issues.

“Democracy is important and this event provides an opportunity for young female leaders to experience the work of elected officials, Administration and the important work of engaging with Calgarians on issues that matter to them,” said Laura Kennedy, City Clerk. “This day is all about being inspired to explore the democratic sphere.”

“It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun today,” said 15-year-old participant, Kaylee Scott. “This program definitely makes me want to consider a career in public leadership. I learned there is a lot of work to be done on so many important issues facing us today”.

She Governs is one of the actions in The City’s recently approved Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

The City of Calgary has an important role to play in advancing gender equality and will continue to do so through the Gender Equity Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, which presents new and enhanced strategic actions that build on the work The City of Calgary is currently undertaking related to diversity and inclusion.

The second annual Gender Equality Week runs September 22-28. For more information on The City of Calgary’s gender equality and gender equity initiatives, visit