City issues bylaw charges against Derek Reimer

The City of Calgary announced today it has laid charges against Derek Reimer in relation to an incident related to Seton Library's Reading with Royalty event this past weekend.

In addition to criminal charges laid by Calgary Police Service, City of Calgary peace officers have charged Derek Reimer with six counts of harassment under the Public Behaviour Bylaw. Given the nature of this incident, the charges were issued on a long form summons where each offence carries a penalty of up to $10,000 and, in default of payment, up to six months imprisonment.

Bylaw amendments passed by Calgary City Council in June 2022 specifically prohibit insulting or demeaning behaviour, including unwanted sexual advances, or harassing anyone on the basis of age, race, sexual orientation, disability, gender, gender identity or gender expression, among others.

“These amendments were created as a clear message that Calgary is a place everyone should feel welcome and safe, and free from harassment,” said Ryan Pleckaitis, Chief of Community Standards for The City of Calgary.

The bylaw applies to all public spaces within Calgary, including businesses such as restaurants, on sidewalks, in libraries, etc.

The City also reminds Calgarians as they plan their weekend, a reminder that laws and bylaws apply to all sides of protests, equally, including the Criminal Code, and Community Standards and Public Behaviour bylaws (street harassment). The City says with its partners at Calgary Police Service, peace officers will continue to ensure harassment of others, or violations of excessive noise or other bylaw offences, are monitored, investigated and enforced. This can include enforcing at the time of an offence, during an event, or in many cases, after the fact once evidence and witness statements are gathered.

If you see behaviour you find troubling, please speak to a uniformed officer, or report it online. More information on what The City is doing to prevent harassment is available at