City Council requests sub-service reviews and budget reductions

City Council requests sub-service reviews and budget reductions

(Calgary, AB) – In November, 2018, Council requested a list of sub-services to the 61 services identified in the One Calgary 2019-2022 Service Plans and Budgets. Today, The City provided a report outlining 245 sub-services and Council approved six areas for review and potential savings in 2020. These are Golf Programs & Activities, Bus and C-Train Operations - Low Income Transit Pass Funding Model, Citizen Engagement, Sailing Programs & Activities, Community-Wide Waste Management Programs and Initiatives - Community Recycling Depots, and Boulevards & Naturalization (Streets). The sub-service reviews are part of a larger journey being taken by The City of Calgary to review services.

The City moved to a service-based approach to planning and budgeting to increase awareness and understanding of the services provided and the cost of services and to support Council as they make investment choices.

"Service reviews are another tool to help Council assess whether The City is providing the services that Calgarians want and need", said Glenda Cole, City Manager. "These reviews will focus on answering why a sub-service exists and what the sub-service provides. The results of these reviews will be reported to Council in November when 2020 budget adjustments are considered."

"As we carefully consider our plans and budgets, and areas for reductions, we are making every effort to minimize the impact to those services our citizens and businesses value most," said Carla Male, Chief Financial Officer. "We are committed to working with Council to complete the sub-service reviews and identify potential savings in November, 2019 for the 2020 budget to continue to support Calgary's economic recovery."

At the July 22 meeting of Council, Administration will present for Council's consideration reduction recommendations to achieve the $60 million in savings that Council required to provide non-residential property owners with tax relief in 2019.

For more information on The City of Calgary's services, visit, or visit to view what The City is focusing on to support Calgary's economic recovery.

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