Celebrating the Holidays from home

CEMA Safety Series: Tips to protect yourself and others from COVID-19

With a provincial ban on indoor and outdoor social gatherings, this year’s holiday season will be unique in a lot of ways. But that doesn’t mean that these holidays are less meaningful.

Here are some ideas we’ve heard about ways to brighten the season for yourself, your neighbours, and your community:

  • Schedule a video call with loved ones to open presents together, have a toast, or virtually share a dinner.
  • Gift the community by donating to a local charity or organization.
  • While you’re shoveling your walk, do the whole block.
  • Support a local restaurant by ordering takeout or delivery. Tip well.
  • Call someone you haven’t talked to in years to reconnect.
  • Donate the food from the festive meal you were going to make, or the money you were going to spend on the ingredients, to your local food bank.
  • Send flowers or a potted plant to a friend.
  • Take a distanced walk through a part of the city you’ve never been to before.
  • Set up an online game night. Make it a fundraiser – extra cards or turns for donating cans to a food bank.
  • Send a letter to someone close to you.
  • Add some extra fun to your celebration by creating a scavenger hunt for gifts and goodies.
  • Sing your favourite holiday songs as loudly as you can. Out the window if possible. If you have children at home, ask them to help you.
  • Read an old book again, next to a cozy virtual fire, or looking out your cabin window.
  • Take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Put on your bathing suit and sunglasses, turn up your summer music, and spend a relaxing day on an imaginary beach.
  • Think about how to make the next holiday season even more memorable once we can gather again.

Many holidays at this time of year span several days – try something new each day! It will make a difference for your community, and you’ll feel great doing it.

And of course, if you find you are struggling and need emotional, mental or social supports, help is available. Please call 211, text INFO to 211 or connect with them online.

Remember – these new rules are restrictive, but they aren’t permanent. Don’t look for loopholes. Instead, looks for ways you can prevent the spread of the virus while spreading some holiday cheer.