Calgary, AB,

Calgary Police Service’s Thin Blue Line Update

Members of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) currently wearing the Thin Blue Line insignia will not face reprimand while further conversations around the direction given to remove the patches takes place between the Calgary Police Commission (CPC) and the two Calgary police associations.

The decision made by the CPC to direct on-duty police officers to remove the Thin Blue Line insignia has been met with varying reactions across the Service. Many of our members have an immense personal connection to the Thin Blue Line patch, meant to honour the fallen and show support for police officers, especially after the murder of our colleague and friend, Sergeant Andrew Harnett.

“While it is acknowledged that CPC has provided lawful direction to the Service, further discussion by all stakeholders must take place to address the immediacy of the direction, as well as additional issues raised by the Calgary Police Association (CPA) and Senior Officer Association (SOA),” said Chief Constable Mark Neufeld. “From individual meetings held throughout this week, it is clear that all parties are interested in finding a respectful path forward.”

Until the conclusion of these meetings, the CPC has set aside their previously given timeline for the removal of the patches, as well as Chief Neufeld’s extension of April 18. No disciplinary action will be taken against members wearing the patch until further notice.