Calgary, AB,

Calgary man charged for false practice as a Notary Public

Last week we charged a man who was allegedly working as a Notary Public in Alberta without a license.

In March 2021, the Calgary Police Service (CPS) Economic Crimes Unit received complaints of allegations against a man who was believed to be practicing as a fully licensed Notary Public when he did not possess the credentials to lawfully do so.

In April 2021, a Calgary couple conducted an online search to find a local Notary Public to have some legal documents notarized. After finding one, the couple agreed to meet with the man at what they thought was his office. The couple became suspicious when the address they were given turned out to be his personal residence. After feeling uneasy about the interaction, a few days later the couple contacted the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General’s office to ensure the legitimacy of the man’s credentials.

As the investigation progressed, it was discovered that the man’s notary license was revoked by the Registrar with the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General in 2016, and that he had continued to falsely notarize documents for the past five years.

On Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021, Kishor Kumar LALWANI, 49, was charged with one count of fraud under $5,000. He will next appear in court on Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021.

“It is a criminal offence to alter legal documents or falsely claim professional credentials. It is imperative that the integrity of the notary process is maintained and protected,” says Staff Sergeant Geoff Gawlinski of the CPS Economic Crimes Unit. “We’d like to thank the Calgary and Edmonton Crown Prosecution offices and the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General for helping us advance this investigation.”

The Calgary Police Service recommends checking with the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General for qualified Notary Public officials. We encourage anyone who witnesses or experiences suspicious behaviour to report it by calling police non-emergency number at 403-266-1234 or call 911 for a crime in progress.

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