Calgary Council approves committee restructuring

This week Council approved changes to the mandates and structures of The City of Calgary’s Council Committees.

“The City Clerk’s Office consulted with Members of Council and Administration on the mandates of Council Committees,” said Kate Martin, City Clerk. “Updating the Council Committees will give us an opportunity to realign our reporting and increase flexibility to address emerging issues and needs through this new structure.”

On Sept. 15, 2021 Council adopted amendments to the Procedure Bylaw, which sets out the rules to regulate the conduct of business in Council meetings, and contains the mandates of Council’s Standing Policy Committees and Standing Specialized Committees.

The revisions to the Procedure Bylaw has eliminated the four original Standing Policy Committees (SPC on Community and Protective Services, Planning and Urban Development, Transportation and Transit, and Utilities and Corporate Services), and will replace them with two streamlined Standing Policy Committees:

  • Community Development Committee
  • Infrastructure and Planning Committee

Three other committees have been changed. The Priorities and Finance Committee has been re-named as the Executive Committee. There has been a change in the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee to include Indigenous Relations. And the Gas, Power and Telecommunications Committee has been absorbed into the mandate of the Infrastructure and Planning Committee. The Audit Committee and Calgary Planning Commission remain unchanged. View the list of Boards, Commissions and Committee for mandates, composition and membership information.

These Committees will come into effect immediately, but meetings will not occur until after the 2021 municipal election. There have also been some adjustments to the meeting schedule for the remainder of 2021.

The image below shows these new Committee mandates at-a-glance.














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